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H. T. Hamblin wrote many inspiring and thoughtful works during his life. We present here his writings in the hope that they will prove uplifting and helpful to you, as they have been to so many others. These books are considered to be as relevant today as when they were first published.

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The Way of the Practical Mystic

The lastest publication from The Hamblin Trust!

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Price: £13.99 + £4.50 p&p

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THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Henry Thomas Hamblin
MY SEARCH FOR TRUTH by Henry Thomas Hamblin
The Story of My Life

My Search for Truth

HTH's autobiographies.

Both these autobiographies provide valuable insight into the life of this mystic. And we recommend it to anyone interested in exploring Hamblin’s work further. Basically, The Story of my Life is the human autobiography of HTH; where he shares his struggles on the personality level and his experiences of being a successful business man in the early 1900’s. My Search for Truth is the spiritual autobiography; the gradual and somewhat painful unfoldment of his spiritual journey.

Price: £7.00 + £4.50 p&p The Story of My Life: - Buy Now

Price: £7.50 + £4.50 p&p My Search for Truth: - Buy Now

THE MESSAGE OF A FLOWER by Henry Thomas Hamblin
Beautiful colour illustrations by Joan Ackroyd (HTH's daughter).
The cover of "The Message of a Flower"

This little booklet, using the contemplation of flowers, brings the reader close to the presence of God. Through beauty our senses become open to the inner life.

“It is by contemplating and spiritually understanding the beauties of nature that we can enter into the mind and thought and creative imagination of the Divine.”

Price: £4.95 + £4.50 p&p

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The Little Book Of Right Thinking - the cover

This long awaited book, now revised and in its 17th reprint has always been one of our best selling titles.

“Right Thinking is thinking and living in the consciousness that all is well. Right thinking also is to know that perfection exists as a reality now"

Price: £4.95 + £4.50 p&p

The Little Book of Right Thinking: - Buy Now

THE POWER OF THOUGHT by Henry Thomas Hamblin
H. T. Hamblin's "The Power of Thought"

This is about changing our mental attitude in order to come into harmony with the Divine Idea. Thought is the basis of success and prosperity. The world today is in its current state because of mankind’s collective thinking. This work is not about suppressing negative thoughts which can be destructive too, but transmuting them instead. Chapters include; The Overcoming of Fear and The Effect of Thought on Health.

Price: £4.95 + £4.50 p&p

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HIS WISDOM GUIDING (Daily Readings) by Henry Thomas Hamblin
His Wisdom Guiding - Daily Readings

This popular hardback book is filled with practical and inspiring daily readings, many of which make fruitful seeds for meditation. Handy to keep on the bedside table, this work has proved to be another favourite.


Price: £6.50 + £4.50 p&p

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WITHIN YOU IS THE POWER by Henry Thomas Hamblin
Within You is the Power

This being one of his more popular books, it has sold over 200,000 copies.

“There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things...” writes Hamblin. The work serves to help bring the inner power of mind and depression in harmony with Universal Law. Chapters include: The Secret of Abundant Supply, Overcoming Limitations and Awakening Inner Powers.

Price: £4.95 + £4.50 p&p

Within You is the Power: - Buy Now

The Hamblin Book of Daily Readings

This book of daily readings is carefully chosen. It is divided into the four quarters of the year, and then sub-divided into months each of which is devoted to a particular aspect of the spiritual life. So far this valuable work has been reprinted eight times.

Price: £5.50 + £4.50 p&p

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LIFE WITHOUT STRAIN by Henry Thomas Hamblin
Life Without Strain

Another valuable work work which has sold over 25,000 copies.

This is comprised of a series of letters and articles on different themes. Although these were written amidst the stress of the Second World War, they speak clearly today with their message. A comforting and insightful work for anyone in a war torn situation or undergoing conflict of any nature. "If we act in love, and be Love always, especially at times of critical decision, then we cannot go wrong," writes Hamblin.

Price: £4.00 + £4.50 p&p

Life Without Strain: - Buy Now

THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT by Henry Thomas Hamblin
The Life of the Spirit

An invaluable book, conveying in a practical way the meaning of the inner life together with the phases on initiation that the traveller confronts on the path. This was HTH’s favourite work and has sold over 61,000 copies

Price: £3.50 + £4.50 p&p

The Life Of the Spirit: - Buy Now

DIVINE ADJUSTMENT by Henry Thomas Hamblin
Cover shot of HTH's Divine Adjustment

Hamblin believed that disharmony and stress are a departure from the Divine Law. By making an inner adjustment, either consciously or from circumstances beyond our control, our life can be brought back into alignment with this Divine Law. Chapters include, Resisting Fear and Overcoming Doubt; The Creative Imagination and The Power of Words.

Price: £5.00 + £4.50 p&p

Divine Adjustment: - Buy Now

GOD’S SUSTAINING GRACE, by Henry Thomas Hamblin
God's Sustaining Grace, by HTH

20 Meditations on the subject of Divine Care.

"If we could abide in the consciousness of the power of Love that pervades the whole of life, we must be prepared to practice, day by day, a quiet re-adjustment of our own mind to the Mind of God."

This gem of a book has proved to be a valuable tool in realigning the mind with the spiritual life.

Price: Price: £2.00 + £2.00 p&p

God's Sustaining Grace: - Buy Now

THE OPEN DOOR by Henry Thomas Hamblin
Cover of The Open Door

It is the less easy and accessible door which leads us to our vision of Truth, our heart’s vision. This book provides the key. Chapters include: Living Dangerously; There is a Power and The Love That Never Fails.

"If we play for safety - in the spiritual life, the result is the same as the material life- we court disaster and ruin by so doing," writes Hamblin.

Basically, this is all about taking risks and stepping through that door.

Price: £5.50 + £4.50 p&p

The Open Door: - Buy Now

GOD, OUR CENTRE AND SOURCE, by Henry Thomas Hamblin
The cover of God Our Centre and Source

A collection of readings providing food for thought on reaching a deeper sense of peace and contact with God. Each reading ends with an affirmation.

Price: £2.00 + £2.00 p&p

God, Our Centre and Source: - Buy Now

THE ANTIDOTE FOR WORRY by Henry Thomas Hamblin
HTH's The Antidote for Worry

Quite simply, the antidote for worry is knowledge of the Truth; that God is ever present. From this Truth emerges a sense of Trust. It is through living this ‘Trust" that inner peace saturates the soul and worry is dispersed.

"This teaching does not deal with affects," writes Hamblin, "but with causes. Not with outward form, but with the inner power that provides all things."

Price: £2.00 + £2.00 p&p

The Antidote for Worry: - Buy Now

TRUSTING THE PROCESS by Stephanie Sorréll, colour illustrations by Hanne Jahr.
Trusting the Process

This beautifully presented book is a collection of some of Stephanie's most loved writings. “Everything in life is process, so richly expressed in nature which I believe is the deepest expression of God ever manifesting in form. Where there is death and decay the seeds of new life await the beginning ...”

The book has been divided into five central sections: Trusting the Process, Prayer, Nature and the Divine. Becoming Real and Beyond thought.

Stephanie’s writing is inclusive rather than exclusive in its approach to life and beliefs. This book will bring healing and renewed faith to those who read it. A beautiful gift for all occasions...

Price: £8.99 + £4.50 p&p

Trusting the Process: - Buy Now

THE RIVER THAT KNOWS THE WAY Edited by Stephanie Sorrell
The River That Knows the Way - An anthology of wisdom and beauty

An anthology of wisdom and beauty

This beautifully illustrated compilation of writings by four major contributors, Henry Thomas Hamblin, Derek Neville, Clare Cameron and Stephanie Sorréll, makes a most cherished gift to the heart and soul. Its popularity amongst many of our readers has earned it a status it well deserves.

Price: £7.50 + £4.50 p&p

The River That Knows The Way: - Buy Now

The Inner Temple - Meditations to heal and inspire

Meditations to heal and inspire

This beautifully illustrated book of meditations is pure inspiration and has been our most popular sale this year. The quality which sets Hanne’s meditations apart from many is their ability to combine the practical with the beautiful and spiritual. Their direct simplicity appeal to the mind and the heart, and the spontaneous joy that arises in her meditations little by little, steals into the heart of the reader.

Price: £7.50 + £4.50 p&p

The Inner Temple: - Buy Now

Clare Cameron - a Human Spiritual Journey, by Brian Graham

This moving and beautiful written work is about a much loved editor of the Science of Thought Review and her hard beginnings in the East End of London in 1896. Mystic, writer, poet and a gypsy soul, Clare’s fascinating life is captured by Brian Graham, previous editor of our magazine. This is a book whose spiritual foundation and gripping story content should appeal to many readers who are interested in the lives of mystical teachers. This is a hardback book, richly illustrated with photographs throughout.

Price: £9.00 + £4.50 p&p

Clare Cameron - Journey: - Buy Now

The Promises of God are Sure, by Peter Rawlings

This is an immensely readable book by the author, professional journalist, author and long time writer for STR. It is full of his human experiences, acts of trust, and quite remarkable accounts where God has met him more than halfway. It lends valuable insight into the man he believed ‘saved’ his life, Henry Thomas Hamblin, our founder. A hard-to-put-down book which restores ones faith.

Price: £1.50 + £2.00 p&p

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The Lord’s Prayer (an interpretation)
  Price £1.50 + £2.00 p&p - Buy Now

Small booklet of Daily Meditations
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Simple Talks on Science of Thought
  Price £1.50 + £2.00 p&p - Buy Now

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