Consciousness & Awareness

The Hamblin Trust was set-up in 1960 to continue the work of the Sussex visionary and writer, Henry Thomas Hamblin. Hamblin spent his life seeking to understand the tripartite nature of 'man' ie in Spirit, Soul and Body; the nature of the Cosmos and, most importantly, the Divine Origin of both humankind and the Cosmos.

Liz Medler outside Hamblin Hall

As he grew in awareness, so his work took on a vital and inspirational quality which helped many to live fuller, better lives. Those writings continue to inspire people from all over the world.

Perhaps the peak of Hamblin's career was reached in the Summer of 1920 when he launched a spiritual course designed to help people grow in consciousness and awareness of what the great philosopher, Plotinus, called "Yonder" the Real World. He realised that the Real World - a World which never changes - was the Ideas in the Divine Mind. He saw that this was not some distant World, but had its manifestation all around us, in the "manyness" which reveals the underlying unity of Ideas, hence the many trees which glorify the one Idea of Tree; the many flowers which reveal the one Idea of Flower and abstract Ideas, such as Order, Justice and Beauty which humankind is ever seeking to manifest.

Through the membership it offers and rich programme of events, The Hamblin Trust hopes that it will be like a good midwife, helping people to educe their own innate ideas which are the Divine Ideas reflected in the soul. As each individual grows in consciousness and awareness, so they not only raise their own lives but those of others all around them. One of the benefits of membership is the magazine "Hamblin Vision", started by HT Hamblin in October 1921 and continues to this day. The Trust believes that the magazine is a vital tool is helping people to grow in consciousness and awareness. It is possible to obtain a free complimentary copy of the magazine. Please simply send a stamped (47p) addressed A4 envelope to Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham PO18 8PJ.

As the Trust itself grows in awareness and consciousness it realises that its progress is not simply a question of its own efforts and those of its members and friends, but is very much dependent upon Divine Grace. To this end it dedicates all its activities to the Divine and asks for guidance in its work. It says 'not I, but Him who dwelleth in me'. Hamblin himself wrote about this when he referred to his 'pre-surrender' books, which were those written when his ego was still largely in control. His greater works (such as his spiritual course, which is now published as a book)* came after he had begun to truly surrender his little self.

It is hoped that The Hamblin Trust will continue to expand its activities as its own consciousness and awareness grow.

For details of membership, complimentary magazine & events programme, please see the Contact Us and Membership pages.

* The Way of the Practical Mystic - The Hamblin Spiritual Course, ISBN 0-95453, available from Bosham House, price 13.99 plus 2.00 p&p.