Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
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The 3rd quarterThe Universe when seen through the eyes of Christ is eternally perfect.
Inwardly, our soul-life reaches to our Divine Source. It has its roots in GOD. As St. Paul puts it: we live and move and have our being in GOD.
Yesterday's Reading
19th September
When we are in trouble, or a dilemma, and we pray to be delivered, if we insist upon being delivered in a certain way, then our prayer may be answered, but our deliverance will not be either perfect or complete. If however, we pray that GOD should deliver us, not in a certain way, according to our desires and ideas, but in His own way, according to His infinite love, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, then a perfect deliverance follows, which is harmonious, orderly and perfect, because it is according to the Mind of GOD.

What do I mean by keeping our face turned towards the Light? I mean, of course, turning to GOD. GOD is Spirit, and therefore everywhere present. GOD is the Only Power and Presence.