Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from two days ago

The 1st quarterIf Divine Love be in our heart, then do we see Love everywhere
It is possible for every one of us to “make good,” if we only will. No life is too hopeless or difficult for this to be the case.
Reading from two days ago
15th January
This is the great secret of life. We are set certain tasks in the school of experience. They seem very formidable, and may even appear to be impossible, but they are just within our powers. If we only get our teeth into them deeply enough we can win through, and taste the joys of victory and overcoming. If we only keep on.

We must face life’s problems bravely; we must accept the challenge of life’s experiences, and we must pass through them all, co-operating with them, if ever we are to win through to liberation and freedom.