Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from three days ago

The 3rd quarterThe Universe when seen through the eyes of Christ is eternally perfect.
Inwardly, our soul-life reaches to our Divine Source. It has its roots in GOD. As St. Paul puts it: we live and move and have our being in GOD.
Reading from three days ago
17th September
Every time that we find GOD in the Secret Place, our inward life is nourished and strengthened. Better still if we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High, and abide under the Shadow of the Almighty, for then we are protected from all evil and upheld by Invisible Powers. Also we are nourished by the Bread of Heaven, and we drink of the Water of Life freely.

Man, also, as a son of GOD , is guided through all the maze of this life; and every effort is being made on the Spiritual side to bring him into Truth, so that he may realise and experience the loving care of the one Divine Father.