Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from five days ago

The 2nd quarterLet us bless the Lord, who is our life and our health, and without Whom we have no life or being at all.
Jesus said: “I am the way; and the way that He indicated was one of harmony and peace, entirely different from the fretful fever of life, or the careworn existence, which most people lead.
Reading from five days ago
15th June
Attainment without tears and victory without defeat, if such were possible, would produce in us a state of heart and mind and will that would keep us out of the Kingdom of God. The heart would tend to become hard, and also the self would become exalted, if we did not meet with experiences which humiliated us. Before we can enter the Kingdom of God, before we can reach the heart of God, and before we can become at one with the Divine, our pride has to be humbled, and the self reduced to vanishing point.

When we surrender to Divine Love we make it possible for Divine Love to change us into Its own likeness. But sin has to be removed. We have to give up the things that hinder, not because we can be “saved” by so doing, but in order that by surrendering them, we let the King of Glory in.,