Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from five days ago

The 1st quarterIf Divine Love be in our heart, then do we see Love everywhere
Many of us can bear witness to veritable miracles having been wrought through prayer. In such cases, of course, it is the power of the Spirit and not our usual finite efforts that brings about the change.
Reading from five days ago
12th March
The nearer we approach to the Centre, and the deeper we delve beneath the surface, and also the more completely we make contact with the Stillness of Godís Peace, the more we enter into the Infinite Power that brought the Universe into being, and which maintains it and supports it without effort or strain. The whole universe is sustained by effortless power.

The more we work from within, the nearer we get to the Power which never fails or becomes less, and which produces that which is permanent and secure.