Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin

The 1st quarterIf Divine Love be in our heart, then do we see Love everywhere
Many of us can bear witness to veritable miracles having been wrought through prayer. In such cases, of course, it is the power of the Spirit and not our usual finite efforts that brings about the change.
Today's Reading
17th March
For strong, powerful and effective affirmations take me to the Psalms. Their strength and effectiveness are due to the fact that they put the Lord first and ascribe all power to the One Source of all power, instead of to the human personality.

We possess the power to seek after God, and to knock at the Door of Understanding. We possess the power to pass from the sense-consciousness into the Presence-of-God consciousness. We possess the power, in the twinkling of an eye, to pass from this consciousness of imperfection into the consciousness which sees and knows the One Reality, which is perfect and whole to an absolute degree. In other words, we are able to pray.

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