Holistic Living at The Hamblin Trust

A view of the grounds at Bosham House - The Healing Stone
• Meditation
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Shiatsu
• Reiki
• Alexander Technique

Through its activities and publications The Hamblin Trust promotes healthy, holistic living, addressing the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body. It recognises that whilst each human being is a unity, these three principles are vital to an understanding of the whole human being. The Trust not only directs its own activities towards holistic living, but invites others with sympathetic aims and purposes to take advantage of the facilities it offers. Hamblin Hall is therefore available for rental to those in harmony with its principles of holistic living. Currently the following activities are offered by independent individuals in the hall. If you would like to hire the hall, please contact us: tel.01243 572109.

For details of our talks and workshops programme promoting holistic living please click on 'Activities' and 'Groups' in the menu.

Activities promoting holistic living

Monthly meditation (different theme each month) - Offered by The Hamblin Trust, tel. 01243 572109. For more details of our approach to meditation through holistic living click on our meditation page.

Monthly evening Healing Meditation for the World based on different areas each month where healing is most needed. Offered by The Hamblin Trust, tel. 01243 572109.

Buddhist meditation Boddhicharya Buddhist group (Thursday evenings), tel. 01243 575951


Cheryl Bromley

0797 6806 795


Jenny Strudwick

0776 2722 723


Monique Elsom

0787 5604 423



Simon Edwardson

01243 778019


Carol Nettleton

02392 429206


Kathryn Bingham

02392 454657


Kate Sabin

01243 787827


Susan Tuff

01730 823205


Emma Owen-Smith



Quintin Macmorland (Reiki)

01243 373746


Christina Wellbeloved

01243 373473


Brenda O.Brien (Dyslexia Support)

01243 576415


Jennie Scott (West Sussex Astrology)

01730 266316


Hamblin Hall Room Prices



Members 12 per hour

Non Members 15 per hour


Members 8.50 per hour

Non Members 10 per hour


Members 10.50 per hour

Non Members 10.50 per hour

Day hire: 150 per day, (day rate not available for non-members)

Free car parking. For further information on the holistic living approach at The Hamblin Trust and for bookings please contact: 01243 572109