Holistic Living at The Hamblin Trust

A view of the grounds at Bosham House - The Healing Stone

• Meditation
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Shiatsu
• Reiki
• Alexander Technique

Through its activities and publications The Hamblin Trust promotes healthy, holistic living, addressing the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body. It recognises that whilst each human being is a unity, these three principles are vital to an understanding of the whole human being. The Trust not only directs its own activities towards holistic living, but invites others with sympathetic aims and purposes to take advantage of the facilities it offers. Our meeting rooms are therefore available for rental to those in harmony with the Trust's principles of holistic living.

For full details of activities and the rooms available for hire, please see the Hamblin Centre website: www.hamblincentre.org.uk

All enquiries Tel.01243 572109 or email: office@thehamblinvision.org.uk.