HTH Lesson

SunsetHamblin on Developing a Daily Spiritual Practice

"Entering the Silence"

Enter the Silence both night and morning. You will possibly have difficulty in concentrating your thoughts. If so, do not say "I cannot concentrate", or "My power of concentration is weak", for this will tend to make it worse. Rather, realize that the Infinite Mind is in you, that you are part of the Great One Mind of God. The wave is a wave and not an ocean: it has its identity and individuality, yet it is a part of the great ocean. So, also, are you part of the Universal Mind. You will find it helpful to say: "Man can never experience any difficulty in directing attention to his Spiritual Source, for he is attracted by Divine Love and is ruled and governed in Love".

Also, after retiring at night, just as you are falling asleep, you can repeat over quietly and restfully the same words.

The realization that Love is drawing you will make it easy for you to concentrate.