The Hamblin Trust: We need your goodwill and support

How you can invest in your charity and watch it grow

A donation can help ensure the work of Henry Thomas Hamblin continues in the future

At The Hamblin Trust, we its members and friends, hold firm to the eternal Ideals of Goodness, Truth and Beauty. We also remember the exhortation of HT Hamblin to "constantly endeavour to live in the consciousness that we are spiritual beings, living our life in Eternity and abiding constantly in the Eternal." If we can do this, we are not only lifting our Vision to where it should be, but we are actively helping to extend the timeless into time.

As a result of their association with The Hamblin Trust, many members have helped us considerably by remembering us in their Wills and, also, through regular planned giving. Leaving a bequest, or making a donation, not only supports the work of the Trust, but will help it to continue into the future. If you would like to be part of the work in this way, please telephone Bosham House for an informal chat with one of our office team or send your donations to "The Hamblin Trust", Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham,West Sussex PO18 8PJ.