Modern Spirituality

HT Hamblin (1873-1958) was quintessentially a 'modern mystic'. Today his teachings continue through the work of The Hamblin Trust.

The activities of the Trust have continued since Hamblin's passing. In a newspaper article published in the Summer of 2004, Hamblin appears with the following words issuing from his lips: "Who would think I'd still inspire decades from now?". Who indeed would have realised, least of all Hamblin himself, that his ideas would have a lasting influence from their prodigious outflowing in the 1920s right down to the twenty-first century. The reason for their continuing influence and wide appeal is not difficult to understand. Hamblin will always offer a modern spirituality because his teachings embody eternal truths expressed with rare simplicity and directness.

The Ideas Hamblin talks about are universal Ideas, the very fabric of the Cosmos and of Man. They are timeless as well as a immutable. This is why Hamblin will always remain a modern mystic offering a modern spirituality. At the heart of this modern spirituality is Hamblin's belief that what we think, and the way that we think, affects all dimensions of our lives and that positive thought enriches our lives immeasurably.

Part of the Meditation Group, at Bosham House.

Pictured above, Meditation at Bosham House

Modern spirituality encompasses both the science and art of Right Thinking. The science of Right Thinking is based upon a knowledge and understanding of the beautiful Ideas that substand the whole of creation. The art of Right Thinking urges us to base all our actions on those Ideas.

Since its inception in 1960 The Hamblin Trust has gone through different stages in its growth, but always it has advocated a modern spirituality, that is a spirituality which draws upon the timeless Ideas of Tradition and yet adapts those to the needs of the time.

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