Review of HTH's "The Way of the Practical Mystic"
by Dr David Lorimer

Henry Thomas Hamblin launched the Science of Thought Review in Bosham, Sussex, in 1921 and the publication continues to this day under the new title ‘New Vision’ (details from As the title suggests, Hamblin was a practical mystic with a similar outlook to Ralph Waldo Trine (‘In Tune with the Infinite’) and some of the American transcendentalists like Emerson. This 26-part course was conceived in 1920 and was recently found in Hamblin’s papers. It is a real treasure trove of spiritual wisdom and practice. I have been using it as contemplative reading for some time and have been enriched by its content and practices.

At the beginning of the book Hamblin observes that it is not the amount of study that leads to realisation of truth, but rather sitting in silence on a regular basis and opening up to the abundance of the inner world. Moreover, the fruit of contemplation is not self-absorption but service to others. The material is Christ-centred in a mystical sense, although the emphasis is on the development of the inner life working with the power of positive thought. The lessons are accompanied by letters and other helpful notes of advice. In a time when there is so much fear and negative thinking in our collective consciousness, Hamblin shines like a beacon, encouraging us to align ourselves with the Source of the Good, the Beautiful and the True.

Dr David Lorimer.

(See the book's own page at way-of-the-mystic.htm )