Overcoming Depression & Support for Overcoming Stress

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"If we were completely surrendered to the Divine Will, then Heavenly powers would be able to work on our behalf, and in so doing manifest order and harmony"

HT Hamblin

The Hamblin Trust was set up in 1960 to continue the work of Sussex writer and visionary, Henry Thomas Hamblin.

The Trust continues to publish the magazine launched by HT Hamblin in October 1921, formerly called 'The Science of Thought Review', now 'Hamblin Vision'. The Trust also offers a rich programme of events to members and non-members. Its publications and events programme affirm the essential goodness and beauty of life and offer a path towards a more balanced, less stressful life.

Depression and stress are caused when our lives are out of alignment with the Divine Source. Once we come into alignment with our Source, it is as if we are lifted up and stresses and strains tend to disappear. If we learn to do what St Paul recommended, ie 'to die daily' the ego ceases to be in control and the true Self is allowed to shine through.

By affirming the Good in life and to seeking always to 'keep on keeping on', fulfilling all our duties to the best of our ability, the clouds of stress and depression will tend to disappear. Living in the Divine Light and Life are Self enhancing whereas stress and depression are life contracting. It is important to remember that when we feel depressed, our own efforts are invariably not enough, we need to withdraw to our Centre and ask for help from the Divine.

The Hamblin Trust affirms the Good Life. By working in the Light, and affirming the essential goodness of life, depression and stress will tend to drop away quite naturally.

  This year the Trust are offering a series of workshops on managing stress. Please see the 'Activities' tab on our website for details.

  Hamblin himself wrote two books specifically addressed to these issues: "Antidote for Worry" and "Life Without Strain." Please see our bookshop tab for details.