The Way of the Practical Mystic:
Henry Thomas Hamblin - a Man for Today

HT Hamblin, whose views on being a Practical Mystic are expressed in a newly published book. Here with his grandson, John Delafield

HT Hamblin with grandson, John Delafield


Practical mysticism was in short Hamblin's life's work...

he wrote a beautiful spiritual course of some 27 lessons...

HT Hamblin 1873-1958


People sometimes asked the Sussex Saint and visionary, HT Hamblin, where his learning came from. He replied that he had depended upon the Bible and "The Pilgrim's Progress", but he also explained, "It is true that I know some things which I have never learned from books or people, but how I learned them I do not know. I simply know them, and always have known them." It was clear that Hamblin's wisdom was largely innate. He was born with it. With the passing of time, it also became clear that he was very much a practical mystic. He was able to meditate deeply upon the beautiful Ideas in the Mind of God, link with them and manifest them in his life and in his writings.

Practical mysticism was in short Hamblin's life's work. He helped people in deeply practical ways to become less fearful, happier and more successful in their lives. To this end he wrote books like "The Antidote to Worry". However, later in life he realised that whilst these books genuinely helped people, they were largely concerned with the personality. He then wished to go a step further and become more fully a truly 'practical mystic'. To this end he wrote a beautiful spiritual course of some 27 lessons, each with a definite theme presented in a systematic way. This was designed to move beyond the constraints of personality so that the soul could breathe the pure air of Spirit. What was needed, he felt, was: 'a total surrender of ourselves to the Divine and His Will concerning us.'

The Hamblin Trust (the charity set-up to continue the teachings of HT Hamblin after his death in 1958) endeavours to uphold Hamblin's ideas concerning practical mysticism. To this end it has recently published as a book "The Way of the Practical Mystic" comprising Hamblin's lessons, for those aspiring to be truly practical mystics, we recommend this book to you. It comes in easy to follow 'weeks' which will help you to thoroughly understand one Idea at a time before passing on to the next.

Cover of The Way of the Practical Mystic


The Way of the Practical Mystic -
The Hamblin Spiritual Course
ISBN 0-95453, available from Bosham House, price 13.99 plus 4.50 p&p.


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