Practitioners, Therapists and Teachers independent of The Hamblin Trust who work at Bosham House.
Please contact directly.

Acupuncture, Acutherapies & Chinese Medicine ~ Dr.FengWang ATCM

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Tel: 01243 537806 ~ Mobile: 07515421381
Dr FengWang obtained his degree in China at one of the four earliest established TCM university - ChengDu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been practising Acupuncture, TuiNa/Chinese massage, Medical herbalism and allied therapies over 20 years, As well as running his clinic in Chichester he works voluntarily with Cancer Wise, and has had successful results in controlling a variety of ailments. He also is a licensed Chinese pharmacist, reflexologist and a full member of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (
His own clinic is located in Chichester Town Centre, offering free Consultation and free car parking to all clients.

Astrology and Flower Essences ~ Debbie Sellwood, DipVibrational Medicine, ITEC & Astrology

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Mobile: 07940 821338
Debbie has a diploma with The White Eagle Lodge and is a professional consulting astrologer and member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International. She also teaches Astrology at Bosham House. She has a diploma in Vibrational Medicine, practices as a Flower Essence consultant and is secretary and advanced practitioner with The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association. She is the author of ‘Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces’ a guide to selecting flower essences arranged by astrological Sun sign.

Bodhicharya Buddhist Group ~ Ian Stuart

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Tel: 01903 733958 ~ Mobile 0781 1956 016
BBG is a Tibetan Buddhist Group which has been meeting regularly since 1998. Lama Ringu Tulku Rinpoche visits annually each spring to give teachings. Meetings are friendly and informal and open to all who share a spirit of enquiry and an interest in Buddhist studies and meditation. Meetings held at Bosham House Thursday evenings at 7.00pm. We ask for a small donation to cover costs. Ring Ian for further information

Bowen Technique, EFT and Meridian Therapies, Classical Homeopathy and Equine Assisted Therapy ~ Aurele Hedley

Web: and
Tel: 01798 861386 ~ Mobile: 07768 265686
Aurele has been practicing since 1998. Treatments may involve a combination of therapies including theta healing. She also treats animals.

Caterer at Hamblin Hall and other events ~ Jemima Thomas

TASTE BUDS - ‘one cannot think well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’.
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Mobile: 07976361701
Based in Chichester Jemima has been cooking for over 17 years. She prides herself in her love of delicious, fresh, wholesome food using local and free range ingredients where ever possible. No Job is too big or small,- can cook or simply just help you run the event.

Will travel , deliver suppers and does outside catering from weddings to funerals, finger food to sit downs.
Please do ring or email with any questions or help!

Counsellor/Psychotherapist ~ Astrid Macguire

Tel: 01243 574214
Astrid is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and a registered independent counsellor. Astrid has helped people with relationship difficulties, anger and depression, trauma, stress, fear, and unresolved issues from the past, loss and bereavement, abuse, life crisis and to increase their self awareness.
If you feel that you need to be listened to in confidence, with care and without judgement contact Astrid.

Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Reiki Neil Christie

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Tel: 07779010366 Mob: 07779010366
Skype: bluedottherapy
Neil is a University of Portsmouth Sports Science graduate, he is registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society, UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. Neil specializes in supporting lifestyle change, weight loss, quit smoking, exercise adherence, treatment for addictions and relaxation interventions for stress related conditions.
BSc, Dip Hyp CS
Freelance Outdoor Instructor / Complementary Therapy Practitioner

Counselling and Psychotherapy ~ Linda Stephenson

Web :
Mobile: 07709 761876
Research shows Freud's 'Talking Cure' helps to alleviate all sorts of difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress, life crisis, trauma, eating disorders, self harm and relationship issues. If you are at a point in your life where you are motivated to seek change, are brave enough to articulate this with another, there is every reason to believe that therapy may help you.
As a psychologist specialising in counselling and psychotherapy, I offer a confidential and anonymous space where you are free to discuss whatever is on your mind. Therapy rooms are available at Hamblin, Hambrook or Brighton whichever suits you best.

Empathic Decluttering  ~ Gina Lawrie

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Tel: 01252 728242
Gina offers skilled, enthusiastic support to declutter, whether your clutter is in your mind or your environment; working with emotional attachment to free up your choice, time and energy.
Training, mediation, couples coaching in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - a practical process with a spiritual dimension that is used around the world for conflict resolution, personal and social change

Energy Healer / Bodywork / Aromatherapist ~ Sarah Williams, ITEC Internationally Trained Holistic Healer /Speaker / Teacher.

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Tel: 0844 357 9843 ~ Mobile: 07710 994432
Sarah is the creator of the Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing Creams and the first to be working with the 15 chakra system. She is also a back care specialist facilitating pain relief in the entire body. Her many faceted treatments now incorporate ancient energy work techniques, acupressure, psychoneuroimmunology, chakra balancing and energy clearance. As the provider of "magical" treatments, "wonderful" creams and "transformational" courses, Sarah also facilitates Raising your Vibration healing journeys through 15 chakras. Check her website for course dates, events and more information on her work.

Hamsa Yoga Teacher ~ Emma Owen–Smith

Mobile: 07956 391427
Hamsa (means 'swan' and symbolises the soul) Yoga and Meditation classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience.
These classes include postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation, all of which are methods to help relax and rejuvenate the individual in and amongst today's fast and furious pace of living.
Regular classes on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Hatha Yoga ~ Carol Nettleton

Tel: 02392 429206
Carol has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 16 years and studied with many teachers at the Icklebury Yoga Centre. Morning classes are held at The Hayloft, Emsworth and Tuesday 3.15pm at Hamblin Hall. Gentle Yoga consists of stretches, pranayama (breathing practices) and relaxation to increase your flexibility, peacefulness and have more energy. Gentle Yoga Retreat Days are also held at Hamblin Hall.

Holistic Astrology ~ Carol Duncan

Tel: 01243 576634
If you are at a time of change and personal transformation, a holistic astrological consultation can help to make sense of what is going on in your life. It can throw light on your process, help you to stand back and see things objectively, and introduce a welcome clarity and perspective. Personal consultations in Bosham.

Hypnotherapy ~ Debbie Barnes

Email: ~
Mobile: 07766175945
Debbie Barnes Dip Hyp GQHP member CNHC

I am a fully trained and professionally regulated hypnotherapist. I believe that everyone has the power to change anything about themselves or their life that they want to change. Hypnotherapy can help with many problems such as losing weight, stop smoking, anxiety, insomnia, exam nerves, stress, depression, fears and phobias. My sessions are great for problem solving, neutralizing emotional stress and once these are cleared you are able to gain peace, clarity and confidence leading to a successful outcome. Hypnotherapy generally takes 3 to 5 sessions to achieve success. I treat clients in my therapy room, just south of Chichester or there are treatment rooms available at Hamblin Hall.  

Kinesiologist ~ Jo Smith

Email: ~ Web: Mobile: 07974 752895
Jo is a qualified Kinesiologist who specialises in working with women and children. Whether you just need a regular MOT, or would like to boost your immune system, energy, reduce stress, finally get on top of digestive problems, or keep back pain away, Kinesiology is a powerful and effective way to achieve your health goals.
Functional medicine deals with the body systems and seeks to restore optimum health to them using a variety of techniques including lymphatic accupressure and fully maximising treatments with specific nutritional support.
Kinesiology can also help with old injuries, emotional concerns, goal setting, food sensitivies.
Three to six appointments is usually what could be expected for a specific condition.
To make an appointment or to see if this incredible modality is suitable for you call Jo.

See Jo at Cowdray Hall.(PDF file)

Laughter Therapist and Personal Development Coach ~ Lisa Sturge

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Tel: 01243 572381 ~ Mobile: 0770 2366 775
Can you remember the last time you had a really good belly laugh?
Laughter can be an effective tool for improving health and well-being. It releases tension and enables us to enjoy the Present and is great fun! Laughing is not only therapeutic in many ways it promotes relaxation, increases confidence and energises body and mind. Through laughing we can connect joyfully, share creativity and enjoy being our naturally playful selves
The laughter sessions provide a balance of laughter yoga, breathing and mindfulness techniques and energising laughter exercises. They are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.
Lisa is a Laughter Facilitator and Laughter Yoga Leader and runs the monthly Laughter Club at Bosham House. Lisa is also an author, qualified teacher, NLP Master Practitioner, Personal Development Coach, Clean Language facilitator and motivational speaker. 
Call Lisa for more details of the Laughter Club, talks on laughter or individual personal coaching.

Marble White Counselling - Humanistic Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer ~
Angela Hughes Registered Member MBACP, BA (Hons), FdA Humanistic Counselling

Email: Website:
Telephone: 07716 124 328
I work in a Humanistic way integrating Person-Centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. This means I offer a safe and confidential environment where I am empathic, non-judgmental and genuine. My counselling is client led as I strongly believe that only you know what is best for yourself. Therefore, I trust you to bring the material you need to our sessions. I will listen attentively in order to understand your experience and value you positively as a person. Throughout our relationship, you will learn more about yourself and be able to identify any obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.   I am experienced in working with both adults and young people. My specialists include Relationship Issues, Depression, Abuse & Addiction.   Practices at Bosham & Fareham.

Personal Development Coach ~ Corrin Jane Wood - 'Journey's to the heart'

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01243 512225 ~ Mobile: 07798 835675
Helping you find your heart so you can develop your fullest potential and live the life you were born to have, filled with love, happiness and success.

Psychic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing and Training.

Email: Web:
Tel: 07890 644 753
Julia Shepherd offers all aspects of psychic and spiritual healing, working with energetic, ancestral, soul and past-life issues. Accredited with UK Healers through the College of Psychic Studies in London, Julia taught for ten years on the college's healing course as well as running a private healing clinic, before moving to Southbourne in 2013. Julia is also a healing tutor and workshop leader with the School of Intuition and Healing in London. Julia brings her considerable experience to each healing session which can be conducted in person or by Distant Healing. Julia is also a Reiki Master and offers the Attunements as well as Reiki Healing.

Reiki Master Practitioners & Teachers - Usui, Karuna and Rainbow Reiki
~ Quintin & Zena Macmorland

Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki ~ Quintin & Zena Macmorland
Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01243 373746
Quintin & Zena offer treatments and a full range of courses at their healing room in Prinsted.
They also host a monthly sharing circle at Hamblin Hall on the second Friday of each month between 7-9pm - see our website for details.
Anyone, from novice to Master level, is welcome to join us for an evening of discussion, meditation and healing.

Scenar Therapy ~ Anthony Cropley

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01243 774555 ~ Mobile:07932 140460
Scenar Therapy is now available exclusively at the Chichester Pain Clinic. This is groundbreaking treatment for sports injuries of every description, musculoskeletal pain, joint injuries, back pain, arthritis, whiplash, eliminating drug dependence and many other conditions. It can significantly reduce recovery times and massage treatments available.

Shamanic Practitioner and teacher ~ Elizabeth Calderara MAR, IIR,CCTN,MFTHC, VRT - Network Member

Telephone: 0779 1659 554 ~ Mobile: 0779 1659 554
Introduction to Shamanic Healing - Weekend Workshop Saturday 19 & 20 October
What is Shamanism? Are you curious about Shamanism but have no idea where to start? Discover the wisdom and power of ancient healing techniques so valuable at this time in our world of increasing challenges; Here you can begin your path to inner peace and healing. You have the choice from - Introductory workshops to Shamanic Healing, The Munay-Ki Rites or one-to-one treatments..

Shamanic Healing: This is not only used in a therapeutic way, it is a way of being. Gentle traditional techniques, ceremony and journeying are some of the sacred processes used during a treatment.
Clinics & Workshops: held in - Buckinghamshire - Chesham West Sussex - Chichester & Bosham and East Witttering

Sounding Workshops, Nada (Sound) Yoga and Psychotherapy ~ Russell Oliver Stone

Email: ~ Web:
How does emotional growth feed into spiritual development? How can we explore beyond the egoic mind? How can we learn to trust enough to open to ourselves?
If you want to explore these questions in a safe, loving environment, why not join me on the 1st Sunday of each month, 10:00am – 1:00pm.
I am a Nada (sound) yoga teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist and integrative counsellor combining the three disciplines of music, psychotherapy and yoga philosophy into a process that opens the heart with truth, love and compassion.
I combine Sounding, a way of singing that is improvisational and without words, with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique. We then dialogue in-group to explore the experiences generated by this which takes us naturally into the areas of emotional growth and spiritual development. No previous experience is necessary..

Vinyasa Flow Yoga ~ Susan Tuff, an experienced British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher

Tel: 01730 823205
Postures are linked together in a set of sequences connecting mind, body and breath, building strength and flexibility, improving posture and general well-being.
Classes held in the Petersfield area and at Hamblin Hall on Monday.

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