The Importance of Right Thinking

HT Hamblin, who was at the forefront of the Right Thinking movement.


"Right Thinking...

...getting beyond thought to enter ultimate Truth"

HT Hamblin 1873-1958


Henry Thomas Hamblin was at the forefront of the 'new thought' or 'right thinking' movement which was gaining pace in the early 20th century. In reality, as he discovered, 'new thought' was in fact 'old thought', based upon the Truth that has always subsisted since before time began. But it is equally true that all great souls give voice to that timeless Truth in a myriad of different ways. HT Hamblin was inspired by the universality of Truth and the Divine Ideas behind all creation. He urges us to "Think in harmony with the Universal Mind" and to "Think God's Thought after Him". In other words, he underlines the fact that Truth is and cannot be changed depending upon our mood or our whim.

Hamblin realised that in order to approach the Truth not only a positive frame of mind was needed, but a purity of intention and the capacity for Right Thinking. What did he mean by 'Right Thinking'? Well he wrote a book on it, "The Little Book of Right Thinking" which is in its 17th reprint. Essentially, though, he defines Right Thinking as:

  • Thinking from the Divine standpoint.
  • Controlling the thoughts so they do not go off on negative tangents away from the Divine Truth which is always positive.
  • Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  • Living in the consciousness that all is well and as an adjunct to this, remembering that perfection exists as a reality now and to think in the consciousness of that knowledge.
  • Hamblin describes Prayer as the highest form of Right Thinking as it 'stays the mind on God'.

At its pinnacle, Hamblin describes Right Thinking as 'getting beyond thought to enter ultimate Truth'. He says: 'When we cease thinking we glide out on the ocean of God's Peace. Thought brings us to the foot of the mountain after which we have to proceed by intuition'.

Today, we at The Hamblin Trust, fully endorse, and endeavour to perpetuate, Hamblin's teachings regarding Right Thinking.

1 The Little Book of Right Thinking ISBN 1-903074-00-2, available from Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham PO18 8PJ, price 4.95, plus 1.60 p & p

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