Self Development

Image of a lily, by David Maryon

The Hamblin Trust was set up in 1960 to continue the work started by Sussex Saint, Henry Thomas Hamblin. HT Hamblin saw that there was a Divine Immanence in all things: in humankind, in all creatures and indeed the whole universe. He realised that because of this it was possible for the soul to unfold her heavenly wings and to make of her life a true art. Along with many of the world's great holy men and women Hamblin believed that 'man' is Spirit, Soul and Body. He realised that whilst the Spirit is actually perfect, the soul is only potentially so. Hence the need for self development which involves true education (meaning: to educe or 'draw out') so that the soul, unfolding her capacities, comes to realise her true nature.


Photo: David Maryon

The Hamblin Trust is devoted to self-development - the care and nurture of each human being so that the real Self can manifest. To this end, the Trust believes that as people participate in its activities, their innate capacities and talents will be drawn out. Self development means that every individual is provided with the opportunity to grow and expand their wings by becoming involved with the Trust and, wherever possible, participating in its groups and events, including workshops on spiritual development. There is the opportunity for self development through discussion on offer through the Trust's book and magazine groups as well as through meditation. It is possible to join these groups from anywhere in the world.

Self development is also broadened and deepened by means of the Trust's magazine, Hamblin Vision, and its insightful books, most of which were written by HT Hamblin.

The Trust also believes that self development is encouraged not only through active participation, but through the opportunity afforded of meeting others of like mind.

St.Theresa said: "If we build-up our souls, we build-up the souls of our neighbours. You cannot do the one without the other". This is sound advice and should be part of any spiritual plan. By developing ourselves in service to the Divine and to our fellows, we hasten not only our own self development, but others also.