Healing, Self-Healing and Healthy Living

The Healing Stone, at Bosham House, a centre for self development and spiritual workshops


Although Hamblin was not 'a healer' in the common understanding of the word, he was a man who promoted 'wholeness' and therefore health. He believed that our state of mind and our thought patterns inevitably lead to a healing of the whole life. What we think has a profound effect upon our health and the health of those around us. Healthy thoughts lead to harmony, symmetry and beauty in life. Like all great souls, HT Hamblin believed that wholeness and health were integral to the true nature of the soul. In reality he knew that disease and sickness have no subsistence in the Divine Mind, but simply exist as a result of the limitations of matter and ignorance as to the true nature of 'man' as Spirit, Soul and Body.

The Healing Stone at Bosham House (above)

All of HT Hamblin's writings, and indeed his spiritual course (recently published as The Way of the Practical Mystic*) are finely tuned towards the living of a 'whole' and therefore healthy life where heart, mind and will are given equal importance. To this end the Trust exists to promote the health of the individual soul and in so doing it endorses an all-round and therefore balanced development, avoiding harmful extremes.

Whilst at all times the Trust seeks to promote healthy living through its publications and a rich and balanced programme of events, it recognises that a healthy life is not only a question of individual endeavour, but is dependent upon the influx of Divine Grace. The importance of receptivity and opening oneself to the Divine therefore cannot be over emphasised. Please see the page on meditation groups.

Hamblin says: "Within you is the Power", meaning the Divine. It is this Divine immanence, the Spark in every soul, which knows exactly what is needed and when. This is at the heart of the real meaning of self healing.

*The Way of the Practical Mystic - The Hamblin Spiritual Course, ISBN 0-95453, available from Bosham House, price 13.99 plus 2.00 p&p.

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