New Vision - July-August 2005

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No 1 - Streams of Positive Thought

Volume 84, No. 4
July/August 2005

"Let us guide the direction of our thought-stream towards the divine and Life..."

HT Hamblin

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Editorial: Cultivating a Pure and Clear Thought Stream
"It is easy, particularly now, when there is so much to draw us, to let our thoughts meander this way and that. With no definite order, direction and focus our thoughts can so easily be let loose on fantastical wanderings, building-up quasi realities with no real substance. The only way to liberate ourselves from the virtual realities we create, is to learn to purify, clarify and direct our thoughts in a positive stream. This is where self-discipline comes in because we can choose where to direct our consciousness and what to think. In other words, we cease to become victims of circumstance. Unfortunately the prevailing culture doesn't always help us. It tends to encourage what has been called the 'monkey' or 'butterfly' mind - the restless mind. For instance, the ubiquitous mobile 'phone and the internet, whilst they can be used in positive ways, require focus and a sense of economy and self-direction. Without these disciplines the mobile 'phone and the internet encourage the 'monkey' who jumps from branch to branch in a veritable sea of associated thoughts. . ..."

Bosham House News
Welcome Simon Wade We extend a warm welcome to member, Simon Wade, who is now consultant to The Hamblin Trust. Along with all of our trustees, Simon will help to guide the work of the Trust so that its activities can be both maintained and expanded.
Expanding our membership We are pleased with the steady progress over the last year and the work of the Trust which continues to unfold in all sorts of positive ways, but we would like to share the fruits we have garnered with as many seekers as possible. If you know of someone you think may be interested in New Vision, please let us know and we will gladly send them a complimentary copy of the magazine and details of membership.
v Increase in cost of membership We have completed our annual review of the cost of membership. Always looking to the interests of you, our membership, we have done our best to hold the cost of membership at the current price for as long as possible.
Endeavouring, at all times, to make the magazine affordable to everyone, we therefore propose to increase the membership rates from 1 September by £1.00 to £15 (UK) and £17 (overseas). Clearly, this does not cover our total expenditure, so we shall always be grateful to those whose habit it is to add on that bit extra.
We would like to reiterate our usual policy ie for those unable to afford membership, we are happy to accept what is in your power to give. Such will be gratefully received.
v Bosham House Book Group June saw the beginning of a brand new book for our group. We begin to work through "The Way of the Practical Mystic". Each lesson will extend across two months so that we don't feel rushed! If you would like to join this group, please come along, email your comments or drop us a line...

Excerpts from the Hamblin Spiritual Course

(The full lesson and entire Course can be found in "The Way of the Practical Mystic - The Hamblin Course Book in Mysticism")
Lesson 12 - The Transmutation or Reversal of Thought

The outward life is the result of our thoughts both conscious and sub conscious. By making use of denials and affirmations throughout the day, we can reverse every evil or undesirable thought from negative to positive. By this means, we can completely change direction of our thought-stream and guide it towards God and Life, instead of allowing it to flow in the direction of darkness and death....

Walking the Karoo - A Pilgrimage by Elsa Davids
"The years of struggle here in Africa touched each and every one of us. 1996 was for many a time of madness. Families ripped apart by violence which seemed so senseless. Nelson Mandela had been released, and the land held its breath, waiting for a respite from all this. The playing fields had been levelled, and as we Africans of all colours, took stock of circumstances, we asked "where to now? God help us, one step at a time". Africa responded as we stood together as one, and felt the pulse of her spirit course through us, urging us to unite, and to forgive.

A shot rang out! And my husband became an innocent victim of the violence. Little did I know that this heralded my walk with God, who became my friend, confident and healer, and it was at that moment that I was given the gift of life..."

Lives that are Landmarks: Bede Griffiths by Adrian B Rance
"Bede Griffiths, known affectionately by those who knew him as Father Bede, was, and is, one of the most significant spiritual figures in the Christian church of the 20th century. The late Cardinal Basil Hume described him as 'mystic in touch with absolute love and beauty', while His Holiness the Dalai Lama, said of Father Bede, '…his vision has guided him to open the hearts and minds of mankind to gain understanding and acceptance of all the major religions with respect and dignity, to gain a sense of peace and unity, to further the cause and goodwill of all people'

Today people who never met Father Bede continue to discover him and be inspired by him through his writings. He speaks to contemporary women and men in the West in a way that, without rejecting the wisdom of the past, cuts through centuries of Christian dogma and teaching and, and opens hearts and minds to the wisdom and compassion that is to be found in all religious traditions..."

A Bosham couple are walking in aid of Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal.
"Twenty three years ago the television journalist Sandy Gall found, in refugee camps in Pakistan, many Afghan men, women and children who had lost limbs from landmines laid by the Soviet forces occupying Afghanistan. A year later he set up "Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal", a charitable trust (registered number 294581). The charity's activities are very much run by Afghans - currently some eighty men and twenty women. One of Sandy Gall's daughters based in Kabul keeps a monitoring eye on its operations and expatriate consultants give help. Volunteers help with fund-raising at the charity's base in Kent. Further details on the charity are available from Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal, PO Box 145, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 8SA, or can be seen on its website:

In order to raise a further injection of funds for the charity, two Bosham grandparents, Bill and Ingrid Woodburn, are preparing to accompany Sandy Gall on a 100-mile trek up the Panjsher Valley, in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan.

Ed's note: Bill and Ingrid are paying for all their own costs but are seeking funding for this very worthy charity. If you feel able to support them by giving a donation please send a cheque made out to "Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal", together with your name and address to Bill & Ingrid Woodburn, c/o The Editor, New Vision, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, PO18 8PJ. ..."

Overcoming Fear in the Secret Place by Sally Karpe
"Recently on TV, a national newsreader told us that 'we ought to fear a possible Asian flu pandemic, originating in South Asia.'

I was reminded of a story told by Ralph Waldo Trine1 "Where are you going?" asked an Eastern pilgrim on meeting the plague one day. "I am going to Baghdad to kill five thousand people," was the reply. A few days later the same pilgrim met the plague returning. "You told me you were going to Baghdad to kill five thousand people," said he, "but instead, you killed fifty thousand. "No" said the plague. "I killed only five thousand, as I told you I would; the others died of fright"..."

Findhorn - Bringing Heaven down to Earth by Michael Hawkins
"I talked with our archivist about Hamblin and he revealed the following. Our links go back to the 1960s and came about because Clare Cameron, who was editor of Science of Thought Review (now New Vision) corresponded with Peter Caddy from 1967 until well into the 1970s. Clare also visited Findhorn and reviewed early booklets of Eileen's guidance in the pages of your magazine.

Looking back over our history The Findhorn Foundation community was founded in 1962 by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean on the values of:

Living from our personal source of inner divine wisdom
Co-operation with the intelligence of nature
Service to the world ..."

The Rosen Method-Bodywork and Movement Introductory workshop
"Friday October 21 2005, 6pm (supper) to Sunday 23 October, 3.30 pm
Residential or Day Guests welcome
Venue: The Fintry Trust, Fintry, Church Lane, Brook, Nr Godalming, Surrey GU8 5UQ
Speakers: Jane Pittsinger MCSP. PT ; Kate O'Shea PT. Assistants: Ingrid-Maria Nordgren and Annabelle Apsion
Registration and information:- tel. 0207 060 0683.

The Rosen Method embraces a unique form of bodywork and movement pioneered by Marion Rosen who has drawn directly from the body/mind and breath disciplines of 1930s Germany. Now 91, Marion still works and teaches in Berkeley, California for the sheer love of and belief in what she does. The speakers have trained and taught with Marion Rosen. Both work in the San Francisco Bay Area and are excited about introducing this work to the UK with the help of the Rosen Method GB and the Fintry Trust..."

Letters page
"Dear Elizabeth I would like to order "The Way of the Practical Mystic" - a "must have" book and one for the bedside table to dip into for its pearls of wisdom and advance along the Way. I am also enclosing a donation for the wonderful work at Bosham House.

I was looking at HTH's photos in the last magazine. I firmly believe he was a great mystic and sage. His words come from a source of knowing and never cease to inspire and uplift.

I always look forward to receiving the magazine beautifully crafted and a joy to read. ..." Patricia Woods, Hertfordshire

"Dear Liz
I write to say how much I look forward to receiving your bi monthly magazine. It contains so many interesting, uplifting and thought provoking articles. What better or more inspirational ways are there in our search for enlightenment and spiritual growth..." Sally Carr, West Sussex

Facing Your Dragon by Rosalind Smith
"The collective unconscious is strong and full of the stuff of myths and legends which contain many fears, repressions and thought-patterns that are inherited from time immemorial. If we do not discern those that are positive and progressive tools for the soul from those that are soul-destroying we will not make spiritual progress.

'How should we be able to forget those ancient myths that are at the beginning of all peoples: the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses; perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.' Rainer Maria Rilke Letters to a Young Poet

We need to know and to recognise our own particular dragon, and apprehend it when it leaves its den and begins to make itself visible in our minds

Song of The Flower

I am a word uttered by Nature
Then taken back
And hidden in her heart,
And a second time uttered.
I am a star fallen from the blue sky
Upon a green carpet.

I am a daughter of the elements:
Carried in Winter,
Born of Spring,
Reared by Summer;
And Autumn lays me to rest.

Extracts from Kalil Gibran ..."

The Prism Project (free spirits behind bars) by Trevor Willson
"The Prism Project is a registered charity which was set up in late 1989 to provide prison libraries with a wide range of life-enhancing and self-help books and tapes. Trevor runs the Project on a daily basis. We are grateful to him for his regular reports on how the Project is progressing.

It is now 14 years since the Prism Project was formed and from its early beginnings when it was run from a small garage on the side of the residential home of Michael Newsum, its founder, in Hemel Hempstead, the Project now operates from a dedicated Centre in East Hertfordshire not far from Stansted Airport. It obtained charity status in 1991.

Initially, fifty copies of the book 'There is a River' by Thomas Sugrue were donated to the Chaplin at Wormwood Scrubs prison. As some of you will know, this is the story of the life of Edgar Cayce. The book has become a twentieth-century classic in the history of Christian spirituality.

For further information about the Project or to lend your support, you can contact Trevor at The Prism Project, Little London, Berden, Herts. CM23 1BD T: 01279 777007. Email: ..."

We Can Change Our World by Mary Sheriff
" Transmutation or the reversal of thought, is the key to a healthy lifestyle, but it comes only with practice. Undoubtedly, we live in difficult times, when the focus seems to be continually on the materialistic aspects of everyday life. It takes both affirmation (asserting the reality of Divine Ideas eg Truth and Beauty) and denial (denying their opposites eg error and ugliness, which have no substantial reality) to control our thoughts.

When we experience pain - mental or physical - it is easy to allow negative thoughts to enter our heads. The result is further pain, and often misery, but by using transmutation and changing our negative thoughts to constructive ones, we will find a solution to what, at the time, seems an insurmountable problem. ..."

Our Precious Earth by Herbert Leigh Jones
"Unless we are going around with our heads in the proverbial clouds, we all know that the essential requirements for the support of life on our planet are under threat. Life requires, at the most basic level, sunlight, air and water. Unfortunately, the activities of you and me, are undermining the supply of these vital resources. So perhaps we could look at just a few of these issues.

First it seems important to understand that our planet is a living and self-regulating system - a single organism which defines and maintains the conditions necessary for its survival. This hypothesis was suggested and described at length by James Lovelock in his book Gaia 1 which he began to write in 1975. Though his theories were questioned, criticised and even ridiculed when the book was first published, his hypothesis is now, I believe, generally accepted by the scientific community. In a nutshell that hypothesis is:

"The Earth's living matter, air, oceans and land surface form a complex system which can be seen as a single organism and which has the capacity to keep our planet a fit place for life"...."

Developing Clarity of Mind and Vision by Rosemary Wilkie
"Why is it so difficult to change our thoughts? Sometimes they spin round in our minds as though they owned us, and until we learn to master them, they do! They tend to control us when we identify with them so it is important that we hold on to thoughts with real substance and try our best to develop the art of Right Thinking. Most of us have grown up believing that we are our thoughts, that they represent the real us. We seldom stop to consider where "our" thoughts come from. ..."

Liz Medler, Editor of the New Vision

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