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Dedicated to enriching people's lives through Right Thinking

The Staff and the Grounds at Bosham


Staff and Trustees

"Right Thinking teaches that thoughts held in the mind attract, by the law of vibration, the material for their objective expression. That actually what is held in mind, with fine clarity of thought and inward vision, becomes manifested in the life; that each type of thought brings forth fruit of its very nature."

HT Hamblin 1873-1958

Above, the Trustees, Editor and Team at Bosham House
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Our Aims and Vision

Working with the spirit of the times
in the spirit of the timeless.

The Hamblin Trust is a registered charity dedicated to enriching people’s lives through Right Thinking.  The importance of Right Thinking was at the heart of the work of the man known as the ‘Saint of Sussex’, Henry Thomas Hamblin.  To this day it continues to be the bedrock of the Trust’s activities and publications.  The Trust is privileged to continue its work and to serve its members worldwide at Hamblin’s home, Bosham House.  The Trust’s offices and hall, both constructed from lovely home grown timber, provide a homely, hospitable feel and provide a pleasant and relaxed environment for its activities.   Bosham House is also blessed by three acres of grounds and woodland and is home to some rare flora, like the green winged orchid.  The grounds are greatly valued by visitors who enjoy its Healing Stone, its Woodland Walk and its Meditation Sanctuary.  

Today The Hamblin Trust continues to espouse Right Thinking through its magazine, New Vision, (published continuously since 1921).  The magazine has a broad multi-faith perspective, featuring articles on mythology, the environment, philosophy and theology. Each magazine has a theme based on the spiritual courses of HT Hamblin.  Members receive this quarterly publication as a gift.  There is also a special member’s rate for events and workshops and the opportunity to borrow books from the library.

The Trust offers a year round programme of events, all designed to raise consciousness.

Visitors are most welcome.

The Hamblin Trust is ten minutes’ walk from Bosham station on mainline from Victoria Station.

Supporting The Hamblin Trust

We hope you like the content of both our magazine and the talks and workshops we provide. For those of you who are already members, thank you for your support. For those of you reading this who are not members please consider joining us. By subscribing, you will be helping to maintain the Trust and its activities and will be playing your part in ensuring that our approach to spiritual development through right thinking will continue to exist for the benefit of many others. We understand that not everybody has the time or inclination to join another organisation but our membership income does not cover our costs so, if you do not wish to become a member, please consider a one-off or regular donation. Thank you.

The Hamblin Trust - Registered Charity No. 1133567